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There were times during my years as a Managing Partner where I needed to talk to someone who looked at an issue through Managing Partner eyes – someone who looked way beyond the immediate issue and who understood the firm-wide and longer-term ramifications of a decision.

There were also occasions where I was almost certainly re-inventing the wheel, trying to steer my way through a situation when many other Managing Partners had already “been there, done that”.

At such times, I was able to access support from friendly Managing Partners whom I was able to ring. I too was called by Managing Partners and I understand that I was of value to them. Thus does the wheel go round. To help it go round faster, I have set up THE COBALT GROUP.


The Group is made up of law firm Managing Partners and CEO’s, all of whom have many things in common. Their businesses are what the sector calls “mid-sized”, and those businesses all face the same pressures.

What do you personally get out of the Group?

Quite apart from challenges facing the business, as individuals Managing Partners and CEO’s face another set of pressures altogether. It can be very hard work. I once saw in a legal magazine an article for aspiring Managing Partners which said “If you are about to become a Managing Partner, get all your family and friends together this weekend. It’ll be the last time they see you smile”. I know how he felt!

Being part of this group of your peers gives you people you can talk to and share experiences with. And learn from.

It also of course feeds into your continuing professional development and your competency statement each year.

What does your business get out of it?

The Group not only helps to remove the loneliness of the “top job” by affording you access on a totally confidential basis to myself and to peers, it also enables members to openly discuss (both real-time and at our quarterly meetings) issues that arise, whether they be firm- or sector-related.

Additionally, we will focus and challenge members’ thinking in priority areas where law firms and their Management can secure real benchmarking, improvement, and benefit. The challenges will come not just from myself and peers but also from external guests, the overall aim being to leave you better-armed to drive your businesses forward.

Certainly, we will not be going through the motions.

I believe you and your business will benefit from your involvement with the Group. I also believe that those around you will welcome your involvement in it. They know that everyone needs someone to talk to, and they will see that your exposure to peers in this forum, to best practise and to cutting-edge thinking, can only bring benefits for the business as a whole.

What happens next?

You can join by emailing me below, or you can come back to me with any questions that you may have. You might like to talk things through with me before you join?


•  Once you have joined, I will visit you to get to know more of you and your firm. I believe these one-to-ones ensure that you get the maximum possible benefit out of the Group going forward. Then :

•  You are free to ring me 24/7 if you want to bounce any thoughts off someone who has been in your seat, or if you want to explore answers to any questions you are facing. You can talk with me about any of the issues set out in my website.

•  You will receive our weekly snapshot, OUT OF THE BLUE, by email

•  You will be part of the Group’s quarterly meetings. These start with a sandwich lunch at 1pm and whilst you can stay longer to chat, the meetings end at 4pm so you can avoid traffic to get home or back to the office. At these focused meetings, we will be joined by your peers and by external guests whom we feel will be of real value on the subject-in-hand.

The cost?

The cost is a nominal £100 + VAT per quarter, which will help with the meeting costs and guests’ expenses.

The next step

All you have to do is indicate your choice below. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully to you joining THE COBALT GROUP.
Yours Simon

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