The list of
demands on
partners is long

Partners in a law firm are the spine, the engine room, the compass, and the moral compass of your business.

A firm without partners that your people look up to, who set high standards of professionalism, integrity, attitude, behaviour, legal expertise, and business drive, is disadvantaged. If your partners don’t embody your standards, values, and culture, it is unlikely anyone else will.

In addition to these demands on them all, and in addition to the technical and business performance demands on them, some partners have additional responsibilities – team leaders or heads of department, for example.

So the list of demands that fall on your partners, day to day, is long.

An astute business can gain tangible benefits by assisting their partners to discharge all of these roles by investing in their training and development in matters hard and soft – in both the business and the people aspects of their roles. Many of the skills needed don’t come naturally – delegation, people management, driving a team forward, financial awareness, client management, business development, and so on.

I can work with you and your partners to build skills and to harness individual strengths. In this way we can light new or re-light old fires – and can lay the requisite foundations and inspire your partners to focus their direction and to increase their speed of travel.

It could be in a particular team or office, or across your whole firm. It could be within a defined project such as a partners’ “away-day” strategy session. It could be working with some or all of your partners on an ongoing, partner-development programme. We could work in this way too with your crucial “middle management” team, namely your team leaders. Or even with your partners of the future – your Associates – to get them ready for the responsibilities coming their way.

I can work with you and your partners to build skills and to harness individual strengths

Direction and speed of travel can be selected and varied over time, according to the changing needs of the business.

Thus armed, your business will change up a gear.

All of this is a long way from letting things coast, and the results within the partnership, and for the whole business, can be staggering.