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McCrum Consulting

I’m Simon McCrum. I qualified as a solicitor in 1990 but for the last 20 years I have been involved solely in the management and development of lawyers, legal teams, and law firms, and in marketing the full spectrum of legal services. 

My cv on this site and the useful article in Legal Practice Magazine – click here to see it – will tell you more about my journey.

I was asked by The Law Society to produce a video that they could use as part of their “toolkit” for law firms coping with the pandemic – you can see the video here. In the video I talk about the model that I have developed for law firms called The Perfect Legal Business, which is also the title and the subject of my forthcoming book.

During none of that time did I “go through the motions”. Rather, I set out at every new turn to bring sometimes stability but always change for the better – and growth. These were never the easiest routes to take.

Working with hundreds of legal and non-legal staff at all levels and dealing hands-on with every conceivable issue, challenge, and opportunity that a law firm could face, dozens of fee-earning teams became enhanced, and more profitable, business units. Thousands of decisions were made, often at high speed, and we embarked on hundreds of projects and plans. This work was met with much success, and inevitably some failure. I have learned considerably from it all.

It is the experience and expertise borne out of the many things that we got right and the many things that we got wrong that, through McCrum & Co, I can offer to other law firms. Firms can now have at their disposal all of that, as well as boundless energy and “fresh eyes”. This can, I believe, help firms to address micro or macro challenges that they face and can help them to exploit the full potential of their people and their businesses. I want to help firms to put out any fires that are smouldering (or even raging), and to help them to start or fan more positive fires.

My experience lends itself to ambitious firms, firms that face particular internal or external challenges, firms wanting to be sure of their direction, firms that want to grow organically or by acquisition or merger, firms looking at the whole “succession” issue, firms that want to generate more profit from existing clients or new clients, and any firm that wants to give a boost to all or part of its business. Together, we can help your business to change up a gear.

My experience and insight will also be of value to other organisations operating in the legal sector such as funders, investors, suppliers, and other professionals.

My experience lends itself to ambitious firms

Any good leader knows when to bring in people who are better than him in an area, so the “Co” of McCrum & Co is a group of leading people and organisations that I know and trust who can be harnessed when their area of expertise is required to help a firm that I am working with.

In short, I welcome any discussions to explore whether – working with you and your team – we could together bring productive and profitable change. My bet is that we can.

I am proud to be a member of the excellent and international Law Consultancy Network. This invitation-only group of leading consultants can provide all the support and guidance that a law firm needs across its business. Full details of the consultants that make up the LCN team – and the areas of support they extend to law firms – can be seen here and at www.lawconsultancynetwork.com

I, and every other member of the LCN team, work to a Service Pledge whenever we engage with a law firm:


• We will act independently and without bias
• We will be honest about whether we can truly add value to your business
• We are flexible and will adapt to your needs and preferences
• We’ll communicate with you clearly, avoiding jargon, and will keep you fully informed
• We’ll set a realistic timetable and provide a clear quotation
• We’ll work hard with a practical approach to make a real difference to your business
• We’ll treat your data and information with absolute confidentiality
• We’ll treat your people with the utmost respect
• We’ll deliver on-time and on-budget